Honda Odyssey 1994-1999 Overview

In extreme cases, to the detriment of comfort there can only be one adult who will inevitably get tired on a long trip. The seven-seater version, unlike the six-seater, has another significant plus - the middle row can be folded, then a good refrigerator enters the car.

But the main advantage of just such a layout - the third and middle row of seats can be turned into one plane, which is very convenient in nature when someone has to spend the night in a car. After a solid run through Russia, the front panel did not start to make any sounds, only the skin of the fifth door began to flicker on irregularities - the reason has already been found, one of the latches fastening the skin has weakened - the removal will take no more than ten minutes in warm air.

As for the soundproofing of the car, it is quite acceptable for a car of this class, but, as always, I want more, for example, the sound of stones breaking on the wheel arches on the primer is a little annoying. Although aerodynamic noise is present, it does not cause discomfort, but the engine at high speeds, as I said, is pleasant to hearing and does not bother on a long trip. I really like the work of climate control, in summer a pleasant coolness invigorates all passengers without exception, thanks to an additional condenser under the ceiling, and in winter, if you set the temperature to 20 degrees, the car is comfortable without outerwear both in the front seats and in the back.

Do not be afraid to buy a rare car and use the Best Tires for Honda Odyssey, and when we bought it, there were almost no such cars.

If you set a higher temperature, then in front it becomes hot. The heater works just fine - if the car stands idle for more than five minutes, then the snow on the glass of the fifth door begins to melt without turning on the electric heating. In the summer heat, tinting of the rear of the car, as well as the ultraviolet protection of the front windows, helps a lot.

The interior practically does not heat up. Now on the roads of Irkutsk there are more and more such machines, people understand their convenience for everyday trips and for outdoor recreation.

Having a family of three to four people, you can safely load up with groceries and things for days of wild rest and go anywhere where a simple country road leads to the resting place.